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Every great witch and wizard in history started right here, as a student. If they could do it, why not us?
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 An Urgent Request

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Edie Sedgwick
Ravenclaw Student
Ravenclaw Student
Edie Sedgwick

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An Urgent Request Empty
PostSubject: An Urgent Request   An Urgent Request EmptyThu Dec 11, 2008 4:27 pm

Edie stormed into Azkaban with a note clenched in her fist. She walked past a number of dementors but paid no attention to them. Normally she would watch their movement intently, but her fury took over her curiousity to learn more about the dementors. Being immune to the effects the dementors have on people, she was able to be around them than most could. The dementors glided out of the path Edie stomped towards. She came to an abrupt stop in front of a cell. Her eyes fell on a man sitting in the corner of the cell.

"Is this what you feel you have to say to get my attention?" she said with venom, holding the note up.

The man raised his head up instantly at the sound of her voice. "I had no other choice," he said regretfully. "You wouldn't have come if I said anything less than that," he explained sadly.

Edie stared at him with disgust. "You were put in here for foolish mistakes. Then you go and deny having anything to do with the Dark Lord."

The man crawled into a fetal position. "You don't understand, Edie. I had to save my family," he said desperately.

"Matthew, you knew the consequences of ratting out a numerous amount of Death Eaters. And yet you try and beg for forgiveness and mercy," she said with conempt. "I will show neither."

Matthew threw himself to the ground and crawled towards the cell bars. "Why did you come here if you will not do what I ask? Why will you not release me and protect my family?"

A grin spread across Edie's face. "Because, Matthew, your family has been rotting away in your former home," she said in a low voice.

Matthew's face went white as chalk. "No," he said, scooting away from her. "No, you didn't!" he cried hoarsly.

Edie clicked her tongue in amusement. "Don't worry, I didn't have them suffer too much."

A flicker of fear spread across Matthew's face. "You didn't come here to help me, did you?" he whispered.

Edie's grin broadened. "Of course not. I would never associate with a coward."

Without another word, the cell was lit by a bright green light. Matthew's lifeless body was sprawled on the cold hard ground, leaving his face still in fear. Edie glanced back at the note that was still held tight in her hand. Within an instant the note burst into flames and left in ashes. She walked away from the cell, throwing the ashes over her shoulder carelessly.
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An Urgent Request
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